Key Features


  • Appointment - Register patient for consultation
  • Doctor Assist - Provides doctor with vital patient’s information during consultation


  • Billing - Bills patient after each successful consultation session
  • Delivery - Allow delivery of medications for patients with scheduled prescriptions


  • Product/Service - Manage all available products and services
  • Stock - Increased stock handling efficiency for better return on investment
  • Procurement - Handle stock orders and purchases efficiently
  • Stock Audit - Regular stock counts to reduce inaccuracies and human errors

Patient Management

  • Patient - Collaboratively manage patient information with other clinics
  • Medical Exam - Manage medical examination information digitally
  • Lab Result - Manage lab tests, packages and lab results efficiently

Credit Management

  • Panel - Manage panel companies to allow better customer relationship
  • Invoicing - Generate and manage invoices submitted to panels
  • Collection - Monitor and manage invoice payment collection process from panels
  • Statement - Generate account statements to be regularly submitted to panels

Roster Management

  • Doctor Search - Retrieve doctors info registered in database to fill in locum slots
  • Duty Roster - Efficiently manage daily clinic staff, resident and locum doctor slots
  • Time Slot - Configure daily clinic slots to be used in roster management

Human Resource

  • Staff - Manage clinic staff and resident doctors information
  • Attendance Record and monitor staff and doctors attendance
  • Payroll - Manage each staff’s monthly payroll based on slots attendance
  • Leave - Record, monitor and manage staff and doctors leave application

System Customisation

  • User and Group Management - Manage system users, user groups and user privileges
  • User Activity Log - View detailed log of each user’s activity while logged into the system

Analysis & Monitoring

  • Reports - Various reporting to be used for data monitoring and analysis