About Us

At ZED, we help our clients to ensure that they are able to deliver quality services to the masses, which has always been our top-most priority in everything we do.

Having the right amount of information exactly when, where and how you need it, will undoubtly dictates the quality of your services. At today's pace, everyone wants to be well-informed at all times, thus, information must be made available at everyone's finger tip, especiallly when their health, physical and financial well-being, including their loved-one's, come into picture.

By utilizing the internet, we provide several effective, affordable, easy-to-use and proven solutions for selected members of the community.

With more than 17 years experience assisting major players within Malaysia's healthcare industry to better manage their operations through effective and efficient use of today's information technology, we are eager to listen to your own thoughts, on how we can assist you with yours.